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9 things we can learn about green architecture from Charles Correa

The Earth, Sky and the link in-between - India's finest post-Independence architect, Charles Correa, through the green buildings he designed.
on Jun 29, 2015

Design Matters: The travails of building a bamboo house in India

Collapsed buildings, borers, the Forest Act, MNREGA - a green architect duo talk about the challenges of bamboo and how they're proving that it is worth it.
on Nov 19, 2014

Shreya Dalwadi: ‘If we have to survive another 5,000 years, we have to build green’

Shreya Dalwadi, a green architect who has one of the lowest carbon footprint homes to her credit, debunks green home myths, from high costs to practicality.
on Nov 11, 2014

Ask The Expert: What do I need to know about a basic solar power system before buying one?

Solar power's a great way to turn your home green. Here's all that you should know and ask your provider before digging into your wallet.
on Oct 29, 2014

Benny Kuriakose: ‘We need to think beyond the green building’

Vernacular architecture and local contexts are more relevant in buildings today than ever before, says renowned architect Benny Kuriakose.
on Feb 27, 2014

Greenprint Your Home: Design your home to be earth friendly

Greenprint Your Home, brought together experts, house owners and enthusiasts to exchange the right information, tools and know-how that can help you build, ...
on Jan 6, 2014