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18 historical places to experience on the Pune Heritage Walk

The National Award winning Pune Heritage Walk covers 18 heritage sites spread across 2.4 km in two and a half hours.
on Jul 9, 2015

What connects Delhi’s Coronation Park to India’s cinematic history?

Delhi's Coronation Park, where Queen Victoria, Edward VII and George V were coronated, holds a special place in India's early cinematic history.

Alternative Weekends: 6 events on April 18th/19th you shouldn’t miss in Bangalore

From cycling to bread making, these 6 Alternative weekend events in Bangalore on April 18th/19th have something for everyone!
on Apr 17, 2015

Untravel: Why I’m glad I stayed at Anegudi instead of Hampi

While the main town of Hampi may hog the limelight, it's little sister town, Anegudi, deserves just as much attention while visiting Hampi.
on Mar 11, 2015

Untravel: Explore Bangalore with an Unhurried tour walk

Looking to explore your city in a whole new way? Unhurried helps you learn about just how interesting Bangalore's history is, with their guided walks.
on Feb 11, 2015

GoUNESCO: Making heritage travel in India fun

Ajay Reddy, founder of GoUNESCO, has helped revolutionise heritage travel in India, making a fun learning experience for travellers of all ages.
on Jan 14, 2015