#Inclusive Education

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Call for donations to Aarohi open campus, Hosur

Aarohi is setting up an open campus in a village near Hosur - to bring this kind of open learning opportunities for people from all walks of life.
on Nov 14, 2013

Workshop at Vanadev Residential School: Where art and imagination had no boundaries

By the time Debu Barve ended his art workshop at the Vanadev Residential School, there were in total 300 artworks made by the students.
on Oct 29, 2013

Redefining caste discrimination in contemporary India

Rohit Kumar addressed caste and caste discrimination in a classroom of teenagers from low income communities in Mumbai. Their response tells us the truth ab...
on Oct 9, 2013

Alternative Education – The other road to school

Competitive curriculum in schools today has us asking - is alternative education viable enough to turn into mainstream schooling? Ratnesh Mathur believes so...
on Sep 27, 2013

The Champion’s Programme: back with a bigger bang!

Pratham Books launches its second Champions program where they encourage their community of volunteers to use one book to conduct reading session.
on Aug 29, 2013

Inclusivity is every disabled child’s fundamental right

Till every child is in school and every school admits at least 25% children from the backward classes, we cannot say that it will not work.
on Aug 8, 2013