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[TA TV] Unparalleled: The true ‘spirit of the game’ is found in the Paralympics

Indian para-athletes talk about how the reward of winning medals at the Paralympics makes all their efforts more than worth their struggles.
on Nov 7, 2014

Voices: Mary Kom’s story shows how men can champion the cause of feminism too

The movie and real life story, Mary Kom, is a great way to show men how being supportive of a woman's career is nothing to be shamed about.
on Sep 29, 2014

Tweets, electricity, and racing—Motorsport’s new winning Formula-E

Imagine a world where racers drove cars that were powered on electricity...and tweets! That's what the new FIA Formula-E looks like.
on Sep 16, 2014

Venugopal Chandrasekhar’s fight back from paralysis to the TT table

Medical negligence cut short Venugopal Chandrasekhar's table tennis career, but his inspirational fight back is a story to be told.
on Sep 3, 2014

The International Folk Festival: Uday Deshpande is taking Mallakhamb to the global stage

Passion always overcomes trials, as Uday Deshpande proves with his unwavering practice and promotion of the folk athletic sport Mallakhamb.
on Aug 12, 2014

The day Indian basketball went viral

On 13th July, #indiabasketball made history when our players beat China in China, a feat that is happening after 80 years. Why don't we talk about it?
on Jul 25, 2014