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 Metaphor Racha uses khadi to make a big impact with a small footprint

Metaphor Racha works with khadi artisans in Karnataka to create sustainable livelihoods and produce garments with a small carbon footprint.
on Nov 3, 2015

Nature Alley is giving khadi a chic makeover and we want more!

With its contemporary, minimalistic designs, Nature Alley is giving khadi a makeover it deserves.
on Aug 29, 2015

Tula India – Reviving desi crafts and livelihoods with low footprint garments

Tula sells fair trade and sustainable cotton garments while making sure that the cotton value chain is livelihood sustaining and socio-environmentally just.
on Aug 26, 2015

Fashion labels that are bringing khadi back

A list of brands that are determined to give khadi a makeover by blending textures, patterns, and silhouettes to create garments with effortless style and g...
on Aug 18, 2015