#Living with HIV

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“Do we count?” A question for AIDS 2014 and beyond

Do we ensure that the lives of people who inject drugs, sex workers, transgenders, and even people living with HIV really count?
on Jul 30, 2014

Living With HIV: My struggle with Efavirenz

"Efavirenz...had completely taken control over me, and even my life. It made me angrier and bitter, just a few weeks after I was put on it."
on Jul 11, 2014

“I didn’t choose HIV. HIV chose me.” An Activist’s Reflection on 10 Years of Free ART in India

Pre ART: 1986 to 31st March 2004 “You have AIDS,” a counsellor said to me in 1997. I don’t remember the exact date, but suddenly everythi...
on Apr 10, 2014

The summer of 1994 when I got an HIV test done

Except for an attitude of disdain, I got no counseling about what an HIV test was or what it meant to get a positive or negative result.
on Feb 28, 2014

[Photo story] Living with HIV: ‘Unnatural criminals have been the most accepting of my status’

Whenever I disclose my HIV status, they give me a warm hug with open arms saying “awww baby, It’s alright”. Not even once have I been stigmatized or d...
on Feb 11, 2014