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Smile Foundation’s life-cycle approach to development is bettering the lives of women and children across India

What happens when a young professional gave up his lucrative corporate job to empower women and bring smiles to the faces of underprivileged children in Ind...
on Nov 19, 2015

‘Sister’ is the documentary about maternal health you need to watch right now

Maternal health is a concern that needs to be addressed, especially in countries where maternal death rates are high.
on Aug 6, 2014

Celebrate World Breastfeeding Week: 9 things that are great about natural feeding

In the last 2 decades, child mortality has decreased by about 47%, but 7 million still die preventable deaths. Here's where breastfeeding helps.
on Aug 1, 2014

The 5 things Indians need to know about infertility

Couples with infertility issues need all round support from family and society, not judgement.

[PhotoStop] The Ghost of a Government Maternity Home

Established in 1963, this maternity home functioned for more than 35 years, & closed in 2000 after it severely suffered from water-logging.
on May 22, 2014

Malnutrition in India – A threat to our future generation

According to UNICEF, malnutrition in India is why we have the highest under 5 mortality rate and most number of physically stunted children.
on Apr 22, 2014