#Menstrual Hygiene

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Aria Ohri has transformed the lives of 850 girls by doing this

Aria Ohri has organized menstrual awareness workshops for school girls and has given them access to sanitary napkins and an incinerator to get rid of the wa...
on Nov 12, 2015

Man never uses, God never disposes: Analyzing our carefree attitude towards menstrual waste

We need to find better solutions for menstrual waste disposal than flushing sanitary pads down the toilet. Read on to know what that does to our environment...
on May 6, 2015

6 reasons you should “green” your period this Earth Day!

On average, a woman disposes 150 kgs of used sanitary napkins in her lifetime! Take charge of your body and health this Earth Day and switch to sustainable ...
on Apr 22, 2015

This Earth Day, stand up for #PeriodofChange

#PeriodOfChange is a 5-week campaign organized by The Kachra Project aimed at bringing about systemic changes in the sector of menstrual hygiene management.
on Apr 21, 2015

Uger: New beginnings in sustainable, safe, and dignified menstruation

Uger, a grassroots enterprise, is helping Indian women understand why they need to look beyond the disposable pad.
on Jan 6, 2015

‘Sshhh! Don’t Say It Out Loud!’

We celebrated Global Menstrual Hygiene Day at ProjectKHEL in order to "break the silence" surrounding menstruation.
on Jun 20, 2014