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Aria Ohri has transformed the lives of 850 girls by doing this

Aria Ohri has organized menstrual awareness workshops for school girls and has given them access to sanitary napkins and an incinerator to get rid of the wa...
on Nov 12, 2015

This woman has taken up the task of spreading menstrual awareness in schools

Sneha Shah Gupta is the founder Lots of Learning, an organization that has persevered to get schools to conduct workshops on menstrual awareness.
on Oct 12, 2015

My period story: How my father taught me all about menstruation

My father transformed a life-changing and important moment in my life into a natural and biological transition instead of making it a cultural one.
on Jul 31, 2015

Uger: New beginnings in sustainable, safe, and dignified menstruation

Uger, a grassroots enterprise, is helping Indian women understand why they need to look beyond the disposable pad.
on Jan 6, 2015

Why we need to educate the next generation on taboos around menstruation

It is high time since we stopped brushing the topic of menstruation under the carpet and talk about it openly for a menstruation stigma-free society.
on Oct 13, 2014

When I was barred from my cousin’s wedding ‘coz I was on my period

"My aunt came running to my mom and declared, 'Sorry, she can’t attend the wedding. If anything gets touched…' while I was in the bathroom changing."
on Jul 2, 2014