#Mental Health Awareness Week

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MindSpace: When things are not ok, let’s draw about it

A psychologist talks about how creative art can be therapeutic and beneficial to mental and physical wellness.
on Oct 16, 2014

MindSpace: Jigs, my beautiful colleague at work

After being subjected to years of domestic violence and mental trauma, she put an end to it the only way she thought she could.
on Oct 16, 2014

Poll – MindSpace: Why don’t we reach out when we need support for mental wellness?

In the country that has the most number of depressed people, it is amazing how we never talk about it. Leave us your thoughts on why.
on Oct 15, 2014

MindSpace: Talking about depression is helping me not kill myself

A Facebook post from a young Indian in Canada who has been fighting depression and anxiety for the last 10 years.
on Oct 14, 2014

[Voices] MindSpace: How I inherited depression

"I remembered her descent into the illness: her growing distance from day-to-day activities, the near-overnight graying of the hair, and her beautiful smile...
on Oct 14, 2014

MindSpace: The day Mrs. Das visited me

In a culture where women's voices are present only in their silence, how could I help her find her voice out of her loneliness and depression?
on Oct 14, 2014