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My Edible Garden: When in times of trouble, let it be, says Lavannya Goradia

Lavannya Goradia's affair with organic gardening pays off really well, as she describes here.
on Aug 5, 2014

The TA 2-minute guide to seed saving

Sathish Kumar, one of Bangalore’s most prominent kitchen gardeners and prolific seed savers, gives us a spiffy intro to the science of seed saving.
on Jun 25, 2014

Seed fund: How Bangalore’s kitchen gardeners are growing the city’s farms

Seed swaps, exchange melas, and a growing community of seed bankers; there is no stopping Bangalore's kitchen gardeners from spreading the food!
on Jun 25, 2014

My Edible Garden: Unravelling the mystery of the green patch

Watching the tenderness of the young greens or when a little green shoot breaks its way above the soil are but a few joys of having a green patch.
on Jun 24, 2014

My Edible Garden: Now I get seeds and grow bags as gifts!

The story of how a natural plant enthusiast got back to his roots with gardening, after road tripping over 4 lakh kilometres in India.
on May 24, 2014

My Edible Garden: Growing my own food in the City of Joy

My Edible Garden features notes and experiences from gardeners across India as a blog series every week.  The constant gardener I’m the owner of a j...
on May 17, 2014