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[Announcement] Immersion and Challenges Days get underway in the Enable Makeathon 2015

The Enable Makeathon is a 60-day programme in which participants – including technology and design experts, persons with disabilities and mentors – will...
on Nov 21, 2015

Ashwin Karthik: ‘We need supportive schools and workplaces for an inclusive India’

India's first BE graduate with Cerebral Palsy (Quadriplegic), Ashwin Karthik brings out an extraordinary story of determination, strength, and friendship.
on Jan 2, 2015

Lift Labs’ Liftware spoons help Parkinson’s patients eat steady again

The spoon-steadying technology, developed by Lift Labs, was recently acquired by Google.
on Nov 26, 2014

[TA TV] Unparalleled: The true ‘spirit of the game’ is found in the Paralympics

Indian para-athletes talk about how the reward of winning medals at the Paralympics makes all their efforts more than worth their struggles.
on Nov 7, 2014

Kickstart Cabs: Cars made for people, not roads

KickStart Cabs was started to address public commuting for the differently abled, an everyday issue for nearly 27 million of them in India.
on May 8, 2014

Talent in Impact: How assistive technology can give mobility aid a pair of hot wheels

The UniDAT conference showcased the use of assistive technology that enables persons with disabilty to more than just walk but spin and dance independently....
on Feb 20, 2014