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[In Photos] This organization is making sure Mysuru remains the cleanest city in India

Let's do it! Mysore's mission is to clean up the city and encourage sustainable behaviour change in the community.
on Aug 14, 2015

[PhotoStop] Exploring Bangalore’s Avenue road, for Pete’s sake

Gitika Saksena takes you on a visual tour of the last few vestiges of Pete's history on Avenue Road.
on Apr 8, 2014

[Photo Story] Dharavi: Not a slum, but Asia’s largest small-scale industry

Walking through Dharavi, home to an estimated 15,000 single-room factories, it becomes difficult to conceive of anything that is not made or recycled here.
on Jan 22, 2014

Umananda island uncovered

The Umananda island in Assam, which is the smallest inhabited river island in the world, holds people and primates at par.
on Oct 10, 2013

Time travel in a Railway Colony

Forgetting going anywhere by train, the Indian Railways are a holiday by themselves. Visit Lonavla, Igatpuri and their railway colonies for a good blast fro...
on Sep 11, 2013

[Photo Story] How Karachi lights up for Eid-ul-Fitr

From decked up malls to a Chennai Express running to packed houses, Eid in Karachi was fast and flashy with a saccharine 'meethai' sweet flavour.
on Aug 19, 2013