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High school children recycle old notebooks to make sure kids in government schools can get new ones

They make colourful notebooks out of unused pages of old notebooks and donate them to various ill funded government schools while the money made from recycl...
on Nov 9, 2015

Beauty of Recycling: It’s Man vs. Machine in the battle for recycling

Taking the well being of labourers in countries where recycling actually happens needs to be part of the larger mandate of socially conscious recycling.
on Nov 3, 2015

The Beauty of Recycling: How to move our culture from ‘use and throw’ to ‘repair and keep’

Emotions endure breakage and repair enhances relationship. To shift consumer choices from use and throw, to repair and reuse may almost become an exercise i...
on Oct 20, 2015

We tell you the most environmentally friendly way of consuming child bears

Answering one of the most important questions you have ever been asked, bottle or can?
on Oct 16, 2015

Technopark in Trivandrum is all set to manage 3 tonnes of waste everyday

The rising awareness on the need for waste segregation has led Technopark in Trivandrum to devise sustainable efforts to manage waste within its campus.
on Oct 13, 2015

[Video] We’ve found the oldest message in a jar

23 year old Lauren Singer hasn't made any trash in the last two years. Watch as she talks about how all her waste from 2 years fits into a small jar.
on Sep 1, 2015