#Rural Development

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Vat Vrikshya empowers Adivasi women with sustainable livelihoods

Vat Vrikshya empowers marginalised Adivasi women with sustainable livelihood opportunities, leading to broad-based social change.
on Sep 23, 2015

Bharat recycles as India celebrates Independence day

It's the right time to reinvent the swadeshi movement by going back to our roots, where living is inherently sustainable.
on Aug 15, 2015

What sustainability could mean to an inaccessible village in Odisha

Taking a gap year in the middle of my masters and deciding to work with a tribal community in Odisha changed my life.
on Jun 16, 2015

Cloth as currency – How Goonj is creating a parallel cashless economy

Using clothing, furniture, foodgrains, and such, Goonj is helping rural communities develop their own infrastructure through cashless transactions.
on Mar 13, 2015

Sreejith Nedumpully: ‘Creating small, locally-rooted enterprises is the best way to generate livelihoods and raise living standards’

Rope International founder Sreejith Nedumpully believes that by engaging rural communities in skilled labour can help raise their standard of living.
on Mar 13, 2015

Venkatesh Hariharan: ‘A democratic government is one that speaks to citizens in the language of the citizens’ choice’

Venkatesh Hariharan, founder of Alchemy Business Solutions, says that language is one of the main barriers to connecting India with the online world.
on Jan 30, 2015