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How Barefoot College helps rural Rajasthan to be more sustainable

Villagers in Tilonia, Ajmer, are learning new and sustainable ways to make their lives easier and more sustainable all at the same time.
on Sep 17, 2014

Teen develops a low cost, solar powered air cooler for the poor

A young boy in Varanasi's Rustampur village has invented a solar-powered air cooler in a water pitcher, for people with limited means of living.
on Jul 23, 2014

Jana Mobile: The ad man who pays you to talk more

Jana Mobile runs the world's largest emerging market mobile marketing network, where you get instant talktime everytime you pay attention to a brand.
on Jul 10, 2014

Rooting for Change: Bringing soil solarization to rural agriculture

"Now is the time to move on from our traditional methods to the improved techniques. If we don’t, then agriculture will no more be the viable option"
on Jun 12, 2014

Why we need to go back to our grassroots for India’s progress

The heart and potential of India's growth lies in the grassroots, where improving economic progress is paving the way for skilled resources.
on Jun 6, 2014

Is rural the future for innovation? Find out the discussion at #InnovationInRuralIndia

The takeaways from the chat on #InnovationInRuralIndia - many ideas, plenty of innovation and more scope.
on Jun 4, 2014