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3 things about consent we can learn from ‘Friends With Benefits’

Friends With Benefits shows how consent is centred on respect for a person's boundaries, which may change in the course of a relationship.
on May 4, 2014

Good Indian women, sex and Hindi cinema

Indian women in Hindi cinema are slowly changing to reveal what many of us already know: that sexual desire in women is only normal.
on May 1, 2013

One Billion Rising: Remove shame from sexuality

We're sexual by default but we've been manually set-up to think otherwise through years of social conditioning.
on Feb 14, 2013

Like a Virgin: The arrival of the clean, white and tight vagina

After down under fairness creams, it is now the turn of vaginal tightening gels to liberate the new Indian woman. Is this new sexuality whose time has come?...
on Aug 22, 2012

We need to see more LGBT faces

They need to see more of us - in our ordinariness, doing our daily chores at homes, pursuing our goals in our universities and our work places, speaking abo...
on Jul 30, 2012