#Slum Redevelopment

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This initiative is giving a new lease of life to thousands of homeless in Delhi

In absence of any residence, homeless are often denied Constitutional rights and a redressal mechanism by which they can live respectfully.
on Sep 10, 2015

Untravel Asia: Reality Tours and Travels showcases slums as entrepreneurial neighbourhoods

Krishna and Chris help the world understand the true nature of living in a slum, through their venture - Reality Tours and Travels.
on Oct 27, 2014

Why residents of Kalluthankadavu slum in Kozhikode choose not to vote this year

Kalluthankadavu's residents have been denied flood relief funds, BPL schemes and basic amenities.
on Apr 10, 2014

Building safe playgrounds where all kids can play

Creating meaningful public spaces and safe playgrounds for children in informal neighborhoods is all about discarding pre-conceived notions and adopting tac...
on Nov 5, 2013

Women from illegal slums narrate their legal woes

BMC’s continued denial of providing water to the citizens of “illegal” slums renders women and children unsafe.
on Feb 14, 2013

[Photo Story] Ejipura bulldozed

Will the quarters be built? Will the families displaced be taken care of and most importantly, Do we even need a Mall and at what cost?
on Feb 11, 2013