#Social Enterprise Showcase

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Social Enterprise Showcase: Creating the demand for toilets – Gramalaya

S Damodar from Gramalaya says that unless more important than building toilets is the need to educate people on why they need them.
on Nov 20, 2014

Social Enterprise Showcase: How Social Cops uses crowdsourced data to bring about infrastructural change

Tech startup Social Cops believes crowdsourcing is the best way to get accurate, real-time data that can be used to prioritize development.
on Nov 6, 2014

Social Enterprise Showcase: Husk Power Systems lights up Bihar through cow fodder

Over 50% of rural Bihar still with no access to electricity. But Husk Power Systems is powering villages by making use of their agricultural waste.
on Aug 19, 2014

An offer you can’t refuse: Why toilet usage is growing as fast as Facebook likes in Pune slums

Social Enterprise Showcase: Samagra's 'Poop Guy' is making toilets sexy for the urban poor through one simple thing: making it a "rewarding" experience.
on Jul 21, 2014

By the Brine: How ‘Pickle Man’ Rawat is transforming Uttarakhand’s economy

In the green-pined hills of rural Uttarakhand, a local entrepreneur is holding people back form migrating through an unusual weapon: local organic achaar.
on Jul 11, 2014

Social Enterprise Showcase: How Greenway Grameen is going no smoke, all fire

Greenway Grameen's cleaner stove is helping rural women save time and energy in the kitchen. But most importantly, it's greener!
on Jun 27, 2014