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Aria Ohri has transformed the lives of 850 girls by doing this

Aria Ohri has organized menstrual awareness workshops for school girls and has given them access to sanitary napkins and an incinerator to get rid of the wa...
on Nov 12, 2015

This young man’s project in one of the poorest districts of Odisha is music to our ears

Project Udaan is a social initiative by Siddharth Vashisht to set up a cultural center in a school for tribal children in rural Odisha.
on Nov 7, 2015

How a Delhi chaiwallah ended up authoring 24 books

Spardha Pandey shares the saga of Laxman Rao's struggle and endless determination to be a writer.
on Nov 6, 2015

How integrated farming has helped create food security in the Sunderbans

A system of farming that integrates the natural behavior of animals and insects in a zero wastage system has helped people in Sunderbans rebuild their lives...
on Oct 19, 2015

Food for Change: Langar comes to the aid of Syrian refugees

A Sikh group is using its tradition kitchen to feed Syrian refugees.
on Oct 8, 2015

One of our states could turn 100% organic by end of 2015

Out of 74000 hectares of farm land in this state, over 50,000 hectares have already been certified as having used 'no artificial pesticides and fertilizers'...
on Oct 5, 2015