#Sustainable Agriculture

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WADI: Transforming the lives of small and marginal farmers, acre by acre

Marginal farmers in Haveri have seen a significant increase in their income after introducing Wadi farming techniques into their projects.
on Mar 3, 2014

Manuvikasa: Harvesting prosperity through farm ponds

With seed grant and advice from Deshpande Foundation, Manuvikasa started with a simple innovation that would go on to transform the lives of over 500 small ...
on Feb 14, 2014

The hidden story of India’s virtual water deficit

Export of water hungry products from a water deficit nation – does this ring a bell somewhere?
on Feb 3, 2014

Brazil’s decision on terminator seeds is one with global consequences

As Brazil's Congress prepares to vote for terminator seeds, one can only hope that, being at the forefront of agriculture, they take a responsible decision ...
on Jan 23, 2014

Student Voices: GM Crops – Global perspective

On of the first commercially grown GM crops was a tomato created by a California company in the early 1990s. Called the FlavrSavr, it was genetically altere...
on Jan 20, 2014

Student Voices: Genetically modified food – We should know what we eat

It is up to us whether to accept Genetically modified food as any other normal challenge of our country or something that has to be considered.
on Jan 17, 2014