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Green Warriors: This farmer turned to activism due to climate change and got arrested

Venkateshwarlu was a farmer in his village, who says climate change forced him to move to the city to find a job when his crop yield did not increase becaus...
on Jan 9, 2014

The hidden story of India’s virtual water deficit

Export of water hungry products from a water deficit nation – does this ring a bell somewhere?
on Jan 4, 2014

Organic Farm Fresh: Asen, grower of the world’s hottest chilli in Nagaland

Growing consciousness in Nagaland about organic food has given farmers like Asen a fillip to produce organic products to satisfy local needs.
on Nov 22, 2013

Land reclamation: The secret to food security in rural South India

Amid all the disheartening reports about threatened food security and depleted agri-yields, Pushpanath Krishnamurthy discover partnerships in the heart of r...
on Nov 13, 2013

eKutir creates first of its kind crowdfunding platform for smallholder farmers

One Acre Venture is a value chain finance option that is bringing economic and social capital for India's largely ignored 96 million smallholder farmers.
on Oct 15, 2013

The Centre for Social Markets and The Green Path presents “Food – The Untold Story”

'Food The Untold Story' will give you a one-day introduction towards a new approach to food study and action, hosted and organised by Green Path and Centre ...
on Sep 20, 2013