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IKEA to pioneer the light revolution of 2016

A survey in the U.S showed that 68% do not know that LED bulbs can last an average of 20 years and 34% don't realize that LEDs use less electricity than oth...
on Nov 14, 2015

Here’s how we can ‘Make in India’ sustainably

This Diwali, let’s unite together as consumers and producers and take a vow to support Indian artisans and their products.
on Nov 9, 2015

Shop ’til you drop: Retailers use sustainable construction to lower their carbon footprint

Retailers around the world are becoming aware of the need for sustainable construction that can improve their business, educate the consumers and preserve t...
on Oct 25, 2015

How McDonald’s is saving many trucks of water, one waterless urinal at a time

Indians use 2 billion gallons of water everyday to flush. And here's how McDonald's is trying to do its bit, starting with its washrooms.
on Oct 6, 2015

Expert view: Volkswagen failed at more than just the emissions tests

Be it VW or any XYZ, a company fails to be a sustainable leader if it cannot engage honestly with its stakeholders, say experts from Switzerland's Global Ce...
on Sep 29, 2015

A beginner’s guide to making it in the organic food business

In conversation with Mr Seshu Maringanti, co-founder of The Eco Store, Bangalore
on Sep 11, 2015