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TA Writer of the Week: Monica Pillai

Here's Monica Pillai, our writer of the week, getting candid with TA about her likes, dislikes, and more!
on Jul 17, 2014

TA Writer of the Week: Navami Sreekumar

For Navami Sreekumar's article 'Alone at home with a H4 visa', one of the most popular in June, she is the The Alternative's writer of the week.
on Jul 2, 2014

TA Writer of the Week: Amit Hiremath, the ‘pacman’ traveller

"I never plan my trip based on my food priorities. But an openness towards food is a must to enjoy the local stuff"
on May 17, 2014

TA Writer of the Week: Preeti Mohan, the mid-day writer

"Chennaiites will still pick a hot cup of filter coffee, accessible and affordable, over a branded cappuccino", says Preeti Mohan.
on Apr 30, 2014

TA Writer of the Week: Chetana Kulkarni, Amma 3.0

From corporate to conscious caring as a mother, Chetana Kulkarni is a mama wolf, for the intelligence and wisdom she brings.
on Apr 22, 2014

TA Writer of the Week: Siddharth Ramana, the enlightened traveller

Siddharth Ramana talks to The Alternative about a few things on his mind for wanderlust 2014.
on Apr 2, 2014