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Designing for Destruction

The ultimate vision of DFD in building deconstruction would be that elements could be packaged and sent away for reuse almost as neatly as they arrived when...
on Dec 15, 2015

All that glittery garbage can be gold

Metallized film packaging, the one that is most popularly seen surrounding junk food – chips, biscuits and more, is the most harmful form of packaging for...
on Dec 1, 2015

[Beauty of Recycling] If you do it yourself then you probably wont throw it away so easily

If we all started doing a lot more things ourselves, we would quite possibly reduce our overall consumption as well as the waste we generate.
on Nov 17, 2015

Beauty of Recycling: It’s Man vs. Machine in the battle for recycling

Taking the well being of labourers in countries where recycling actually happens needs to be part of the larger mandate of socially conscious recycling.
on Nov 3, 2015

The Beauty of Recycling: How to move our culture from ‘use and throw’ to ‘repair and keep’

Emotions endure breakage and repair enhances relationship. To shift consumer choices from use and throw, to repair and reuse may almost become an exercise i...
on Oct 20, 2015

Beauty of Recycling: One reason Thermocol isn’t recycled and many to start right now

Thermocol is highly flammable and on burning releases carcinogenic fumes. Being extremely light it floats on water and becomes a choking hazard for marine c...
on Oct 6, 2015