#Untravel Weekends

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Untravel Weekends: Exploring the architecture of Keladi and Ikkeri on a rainy day

On a perfect monsoon afternoon I sought not the natural beauty of the Western Ghats, but the remnants of a forgotten kingdom in Keladi and Ikkeri.
on Aug 16, 2014

Bangalore’s Greenest Homes: The Dutt’s Five Seasons House is a home for all seasons

Everything in the Five Seasons House bursts with the promise of sustainable living that nourishes the earth, home and self.
on May 17, 2014

Untravel Weekends: Put on your Muddy Boots for a vacation that matters

Muddy Boots offers vacations in the many wildlife and biodiversity hotspots that dot Wayanad, Malabar, Nilgiris, and Coorg.
on Mar 31, 2014

Untravel Weekends: Go Barefoot to get the real feel of your travel destination

James Scipioni's Go Barefoot works across the globe, from policy to the grassroots, to ensure that tourism contributes positively to the place and its peopl...
on Mar 25, 2014

ViaVia Jogja: Changing the world, one travel cafe at a time

A group of travellers met to share experiences from the road and ended up with the idea of ViaVia across the globe. Today the ViaVia family stretches across...
on Mar 3, 2014

Untravel Weekends: Personalize your travel experience at Ghoomakad

Ghoomakad provides a very intimate experience to people who want to get closer to nature and have a taste of the simple village life alongside creating a so...
on Oct 4, 2013