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The Clothes Box Foundation – A simple idea for a better world

Started in February 2014, the Clothes Box Foundation has donated resuable clothing to around 500 people in India to date.
on Aug 27, 2014

[Photo Story] Dharavi: Not a slum, but Asia’s largest small-scale industry

Walking through Dharavi, home to an estimated 15,000 single-room factories, it becomes difficult to conceive of anything that is not made or recycled here.
on Jan 22, 2014

India’s domestic worker: down on her knees and mostly out

Ignored, abused and unorganised, domestic workers remain the outcasts of urban India.
on Aug 7, 2013

View Point: Water and justice just outside the city

[Video Centre] The story of a grandmother, an activist and a farmer - and the lengths they go to, to get water in their lives.
on Dec 3, 2012

The (Auto)Rakshasa and the Citizen

Change India's auto harassment campaign begs discussion about how we articulate political questions in our cities.
on Jun 14, 2012

Slum rehabilitation and the true cost of ‘free’

Slum development projects are forever caught in the middle - amidst vested interests, execution quagmires, legal tangles and the fact that land is the most ...
on Dec 15, 2011