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A philanthropy exchange platform connecting the needy and the provider

United Care Development Services (UC) is a philanthropy exchange that provides a wider giving platform for various non-profit organisations (NPOs) through t...
on Dec 19, 2015

Valar Dohaeris – Everyone must serve, and this septuagenarian isn’t letting age stop him

This is a 70 year old's 15 year journey towards ensuring lasting change.
on May 18, 2015

Nepal Earthquake Relief: 12 common sense things to do if you want to be useful

Remember: it's not about you, it isn't about rushing out to give your old blankets or marking yourself safe on 'Facebook Safety'.
on Apr 29, 2015

Celebrating International Volunteer Day with one of CRY’s oldest volunteers

66-year-old Mr. Sethi is one of CRY's oldest volunteers. The Bangalorean tells us why you should start volunteering too.
on Dec 5, 2014

Capturing children’s imagination with a Storybook Me

My time spent as a Storybook Me Fellow in making kids heroes, not just for a day, but for posterity.
on Jul 2, 2014

Ainthinai helps Chennai youth and citizens clean up their act

Volunteer action groups like Ainthinai, an initiative of Chennai Trekking Club, demonstrate that community effort is not a one day festival.
on Jun 27, 2014