#Waste Management

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Technopark in Trivandrum is all set to manage 3 tonnes of waste everyday

The rising awareness on the need for waste segregation has led Technopark in Trivandrum to devise sustainable efforts to manage waste within its campus.
on Oct 13, 2015

#SwachaGraha: Let’s get one million Bengalurians to compost

The pledge is to keep organic waste away from the garbage dump for one week and compost instead.
on Oct 9, 2015

The Beauty of Recycling Series: 6 ways to take control of waste in our lives

Rather than hide our waste or send it far away, we need to be conscious of our actions and find a way of managing it. Right here. Right now.
on Sep 24, 2015

Sustainable Campuses: 5 ways Christ University makes sure all its waste is recycled

If you think going to college is a waste of time, Christ University will probably make sure you segregate it first.
on Aug 26, 2015
on Aug 25, 2015

Why the world absolutely needs an International Plastic Bag free day!

Could you survive a day without using a plastic bag?
on Jul 2, 2015