#Water Conservation

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Wells and water levels created a groundswell of concern in Punjab. This is how farmers are res’pond’ing.

Farm ponds, rediscovered by a few farmers in Patiala, could be the answer to the state's growing groundwater crisis.
on Nov 19, 2015

Drops and dropouts: How rainwater harvesting is helping children stay in school

The film “Rainwater Harvesting: From books to fields”, showcases how rooftop rainwater harvesting can also bring about social and economic change.
on Nov 4, 2015

Villagers unite to revive a pond in Rajasthan

The pond represents livelihood in Bapugaon and its revival is more than just the rehabilitation of a water body, it's the revival of a community.
on Sep 28, 2015

How politics of water use has led to farmer suicides in Marathwada

Taking a look at what has turned Marathwada into the 'suicide capital for farmers'.
on Sep 18, 2015

10,000 villagers from Pratapgarh and Allahabad change the course of a river and a community

After 5 years of collective work by 10000 people in the villages of Pratapgarh and Allahabad, Bakulahi river has finally been brought to its natural course.
on Sep 7, 2015

Call for Innovation: Ready to accept the challenge of securing water for food?

Apply now with technologies or business models that can promote efficient use of water and also prioritize engagement of women in agriculture
on May 18, 2015