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[TA TV] Work With A Purpose: Divya Tiwari, on going from IT to environment sustainability

Transition to the vibrant, emerging space of environment sustainability was a career move for the long term, says Divya Tiwari.
on Mar 18, 2014

Top 20 quotes from the Careers In Impact workshop

A look at the lively interaction between social sector professionals, entrepreneurs, investors and those seeking to make the shift, quotably!
on Mar 4, 2014

[TA TV] Work With A Purpose: The journey from Walmart to affordable healthcare – Nitin Barekere, Vaathsalya

"I had no social mission when I joined the sector. I was looking for an opportunity to grow a professional company which could outgrow its promoters."
on Feb 20, 2014

Careers In Impact Workshop: Edition 2, Feb 22, 2014, at Ginserv, Bangalore

'The Careers In Impact Workshop' and take a deep dive into working in Social Impact - opportunities, ground realities, current landscape and what it means a...
on Feb 19, 2014

Work With A Purpose: Breaking every brick in the walls that inhibit education

From working as an investment analyst to a learning space that goes beyond formal schooling, Amit Deshwal on creating a culture of education without walls s...
on Nov 26, 2013

The Sattva Careers In Impact Workshop: Change begins here, Aug 24, Bangalore

If you have always been looking to make a switch to a career in impact, attend the Sattva workshop to learn what it takes to make the move.
on Aug 21, 2013