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If there is one place on the web to find out more on sustainable, responsible living and social impact, it is The Alternative. We publish content under 6 key areas – Travel, Green Living, Arts and Culture, Business, Education and Inclusivity.


Who reads The Alternative today?


The Alternative targets the mainstream citizen who is socially conscious and is looking to make sustainability as an integral part of his/her life. Today, we have readers (and writers) from across the globe. Thanks to the wide range of on-the-ground events we do in Bangalore, close to 40% of our readership is based out of Bangalore and we have a very strong presence in all the leading metros in the country. We have a thriving engagement through our social media channels and have a weekly newsletter sent to all our subscribers. In addition, the content on The Alternative is syndicated by a range of national and international publications focused on Sustainability.

Our platform is powered by people from across professions and age groups who are taking action everyday for a better tomorrow – engaged citizens, school and college students, parents, artists, entrepreneurs, journalists, communities, businesses, corporates, non-profits and policy makers. We are open to a wide variety of content and formats that could range from personal experiences to news analysis, opinion pieces, satires, cartoons, personal experiences, multimedia stories, photo and video stories.

Come join a growing list of incredibly passionate and engaged contributors who are actively shaping the discussion on sustainable development in India. Reach out to thousands of people from across the globe and inspire them with your writing through our platform.


Contributing to The Alternative


If you have a story idea or a submission, we would love to take a look at it. Do send it to us. But hey, before sending us a draft for consideration, do follow the 5 steps to follow to write for The Alternative. These 5 steps are pretty much our holy book of commandments for all contributors.

If you are in school or college and are interested in building your skills to be a successful writer or journalist, take a look at our Campus Reporter Program and The Alternative Internship Program.

If you want to work for The Alternative, do take a look at the Current Openings.


What we are looking for


If you are looking for ideas on what to write on, check out The Alternative’s popular sections, regular running themes and ideas we are always interested in running stories on.

Our Theme of The Month and Contests are a great way to start contributing for us in your areas of work, interest or passion.

While we are open to wide range of ideas and forms, here is the content that we don’t entertain.

Our work and our engagement is firmly bound by Our Editorial Ethics.


Tips and Resources


Having worked with over 450 writers and published over 1500 stories (as of June 2013), we have been able to identify the common mistakes that all of us make and the secret sauces that make your writing – for The Alternative or anywhere online – a lot more impactful. We recommend you start with the 20 most common grammar and punctuation errors and 15 grammar goofs to ensure we have covered our base. And here are some tips towards successful online writing.

And beyond these obvious best practices are the nuances. Everyone has their guide on what is right and appropriate. And here’s our Style Guide. Do go through these before you send us your submissions. Once you have written for us, here are a bunch of useful social media tips to make your content get a lot of eyeballs!


Join the group of featured writers


You write compelling pieces for The Alternative that are of high quality, regularly rake in views, stir interest and discussion among our audiences, bring to notice important issues and you have been doing this for a while. You naturally get to be a part of our Featured Writers program!

Our featured writers receive a slew of opportunities to further their work and interest in writing – entry to exclusive gigs, opportunities to report from important conferences and workshops, travel assignments and more. Find out more about the Featured Writers program. 


Partnering with us


If you are an online publication or a blog and are interested in syndicating content to us or syndicating our content on your site, we would love to partner with you. Drop in a mail to contribute@thealternative.in with your blog name and description and we’ll get back to you.