tea tree oil for hair

Tea Tree Oil is also an essential oil for hair that helps to keep your hair strong and dandruff-free. Not only these, but also treats dry scalp, hair loss, hair fall, and head lice.

Are you fed up with hair loss? However, it is more common among both men and women. Tea tree oil would be the answer to your all hair-related problems.

In earlier days, people used to follow up “Grandma’s traditional method” oil bath, which has been used as a natural therapy for hair loss and other hair-related issues. In today’s time, people don’t have that much time to take an oil bath regularly. But here is the alternative for it, Tea Tree Oil.

We can also use tea tree oil for skin face whitening and to cure acne or scare.

With antimicrobial properties, Tea tree oil is an excellent cleaning agent. It is also mentioned as melaleuca oil, which is pale yellow in color and has a fresh camphor smell.

Tea Tree Oil Benefits & Uses for Hair Health

Now, let’s know how it has been used for hair growth, and the benefits of tea tree oil for hair are.

  • Moisturizes dry scalp
  • Prevent split ends
  • Repair hair damages
  • Strengthen hair toots
  • Treats dandruff

Today, this tea tree oil has been found as an ingredient in many hair products. It is said to be a natural moisturizer therapy for the hair and scalp.

For Hair Growth

It is amazing and great natural beauty for cleansing without damaging hair.  Tea tree oil is known to promote hair growth by nourishing the roots hair follicles.

This will be a great choice for faster hair growth and also produce thicker and stronger hair. It improves the blood flow to reach hair follicles and maintains the scalp pH level to give you strong healthy hair.

For Hair Dandruff

This oil is a best solution for the treatment of dandruff. Commonly, the causes for dandruff are dry scalp, bacteria, irritated skin, and fungus infections.

With its antifungal properties, the tea tree oil can treat dandruff and keeps you scalp clean. Always try to keep your scalp clean and moisturized too. By applying tea tree oil for hair, it will kill fungus and bacteria to have dandruff-free hair.

For Dry Scalp

Tea Tree Oil acts as an instinctive conditioner for the dry scalp. Using this oil in hair will smooth skin irritations and wounds with its anti-inflammatory properties.

Therefore, it is awesome for dry scalp as it nourishes your scalp and hair.

For Hair Loss

It is very productive in preventing hair loss. Hair loss is due to poor scalp and dandruff. Dandruff and excess skin will prevent hair follicles, thus weakening the hair roots and causing hair loss.

It will surely prevent too much hair fall by treating dandruff and soothing the scalp.

To treat Head Lice

Also, this oil can be used to treat head lice, which will be feed on blood. Through its insecticidal properties, you get relief from head lice. It will be caused by bad scalp health that will move from scalp to scalp.

Best Tea Tree Essential oil for Hair Online

Buy the most selling tea tree essential oil at the very lowest price for hair growth, hair loss, dandruff and scalp problems.

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Best Tea Tree Oil Shampoo in India

Product NameBrandPrice
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How to use Tea Tree Oil for Hair?

Well, you can add any other carrier oil with Tea Tree Oil in multiple ways. Some of the most efficient ways are:

Olive Oil and Tea Tree Oil for Hair Breakage

Olive oil is naturally improve the overall health of the hair and prevents hair breakages.

tea tree oil for hair
  1. Take 4 drops of tea tree oil and mix it in 3 tablespoons of virgin olive oil
  2. Mix both and apply it using your fingertips
  3. Leave it overnight and rinse it with a normal shampoo.

Lavender Oil and Tea Tree Oil to heal Dandruff

Lavender oil is refreshing to smell and that will be very useful to heal itchy scalp and dandruff too.

  1. First, clean your hair with shampoo
  2. And the mix 2 tablespoons of lavender oil with few drops of organic tea tree oil
  3. Gently massage 10 to 15 minutes
  4. Wash with normal water

Rosemary Oil and Tea Tree Oil for Dry Scalp

Basically, Rosemary Oil is well-known for its refreshing aroma. It will treat your hair from dryness and split ends too.

tea tree oil for hair
  1. Mix few drops of tea tree oil, and rosemary oil
  2. Apply to the scalp gently using your fingers
  3. Massage until the oil absorbed into the scalp
  4. Keep for 2 hours and rinse off

Jojoba Oil and Tea Tree Oil for Shiny Hair

Actually, Jojoba oils make your hair smooth and shiny too. When you mix it with tea tree oil, it will make the hair stronger.

  1. Pour 2 – 3 tablespoons of tea tree oil, jojoba oil, and olive oil
  2. Combine them and rub it on hair to get warm
  3. Leave for 1 hour and wash up with shampoo

Coconut Oil and Tea Tree Oil for Hair Growth

Apparently, coconut oil nourishes the hair deeply from inside and keeps your hair strong and healthy.

tea tree oil for hair
  1. Take few drops of tea tree oil and 3 tablespoons of coconut oil
  2. Apply on scalp and tips
  3. Massage slowly and leave it for 13 minutes
  4. Wash your hair with cold water

Repeat the above process regularly at least once in a week for an instant result.

Tea Tree Oil for Hair FAQ

Is Tea Tree oil good for hair?

Yes, like coconut oil tea tree oil also good for hair growth. But you have to use it with the combination of any carrier oil.

How to use Tea Tree oil for Dandruff?

Try to shop for shampoo that has 5% of tea tree oil.

Can I mix tea tree oil with Neem oil?

You can add few amount of neem oil along with almond oil to tee tree oil shampoo.

Can you leave tea tree oil overnight on hair?

Keeping it overnight on hair will gives better results.

How many drops of tea tree oil can be added with shampoo?

Add 5 to 10 drops of tea tree oil for hair with your regular shampoo.

How to mix tea tree oil for hair with shampoo?

Take the required amount of your favorite shampoo and mix 3-5 drops of tea tree oil. Massage on your scalp gently and leave for 10 minutes.

Which shampoo has most tea tree oil for hair as ingredients?

There are lots of shampoos are available online. You can find the best for which suits you. Like Hask tea tree & rosemary shampoo, Avalon organics scalp treatment shampoo, and more.

Can I use tea tree oil for hair with Vitamin C together?

keep in mind that you should not apply tea tree oil for hair directly. Mix with vitamin C serum with tea tree oil serum for hair loss.

Can I use tea tree oil with Vitamin E together?

Yeah, you can use Vitamin E capsule with coconut oil along with tea tree oil twice a week for dandruff.

Can I use Aloe vera and tea tree oil together?

This mixing will gives you healthy and shiny hair.

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  1. Tea tree has innumerable advantages. Its benefits are not just limited to hair, but tea tree does wonders to even skin.
    It is rightly said that you should invest in your hair because it is the crown you never take off.

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