If you decide to buy a mosquito net for bed, you need to be clear about a few things. This is because mosquito nets can protect you and your family members from various diseases, including malaria, dengue, and even the worst insect bites.

There are many ways are available to protect yourself from mosquitoes such as mosquito spray, mosquito killers, or repellents, but they can be harmful to your health. Only Mosquito nets will keep you away from mosquitoes and provide peaceful protection.  

Mosquito net for bed comes in various sizes, materials, shapes, colors, and more. So, here are some factors that you have to be considering before buying mosquito nets.

Curated Mosquito Net for Bed in India – 2021

In the online marketplace, there are many different types of beautiful mosquito nets for beds. Here are the top 10 best mosquito nets for bedding.

Product NameMaterialTypeKindPrice
Classic Mosquito NetPolyesterDouble Bed King/Queen Size BedFoldable₹1,049
Healthy Sleeping Mosquito NetPolyesterDouble BedFoldable₹1,048
Classic Mosquito Net with Free SavioursTerelyneSingle BedFoldable₹996
Healthgenie Mosquito NetPolyesterDouble BedFoldable₹1,388
[email protected] MosquitoNylonNet King Size/Queen Size Double BedFoldable₹899
VERDIOZ Mosquito Net with Ventilation, Visibility, and SavioursPoly CottonKing/Queen Size Double BedDevice Foldable₹1,049
Healthy Sleeping Mosquito Net – EmbroideryPolyesterDouble BedFoldable₹1,199
Amazinghind Mosquito Net Base ClothPolyesterSingle/Double King SizeFoldable₹1,299
Royal Mosquito Net (Blue)PolyesterSingle BedFoldable₹899
Backbone Mosquito Net with Free SavioursPolyesterDouble BedFoldable₹899

Benefits of using Mosquito Net for Bed

  • Protect you and family from mosquito diseases, other insects
  • Completely safe and improves your sleep
  • Very effective and calming during yoga and meditation
  • The best way to travel, it will protect you from all bugs and pests

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5 Recommended Mosquito Net for Bed Reviews

Classic Mosquito Net

Classic Mosquito Net is one of the most top brands in the Indian market, which includes many features. It is easy to install and pops-ups automatically. This type of mosquito net is easy to carry everywhere and can be store in a small bag.

mosquito net

Features of using Classic Mosquito Net for Bed

  • Available in different colors and sizes
  • Easily washable and corrosion resistant with PVC coated rod      
  • Designed using Terelyne Material with strong mesh fabric
  • 2 Sided door in a double bed
  • The zips can be opened on both sides

Healthy Sleeping Mosquito Net

You can enjoy a peaceful sleep with the high-quality mosquito nets from the Healthy Sleeping brand. This foldable net is light-weight and is assembled in folded in less than 30 seconds. It can be easy to place on beds, outdoors, and floor. This mosquito net for bed provides you maximum ventilation while you are sleeping.

mosquito net for bed

Some Additional Features

  • High quality and durable item
  • Available in many designs and patterns
  • Multiple sizes and colors
  • Easy to clean
  • Healthy & hygienic

Verdioz Bed Mosquito Net for Bed

You can keep your surroundings free from Mosquitoes with this fabric Verdioz mosquito net. It has 9 inches of additional cloth at the bottom on all 4 sides for extra protection. Its frill design makes the mosquito net more elegant.

mosquito net for bed

Other Features

  • Durable and lightweight with its high-quality net fabric
  • The perfect fit of any size of double bed
  • Net has elastic on all 4 corners
  • Double doors and double zippers
  • Very stylish with frill design on gates

AmazingHind Foldable Mosquito Net for Bed

Have a sound sleep with this AmazingHind foldable mosquito net, which will be suitable for both single and double bed. This hassle-free mosquito net will surely help you to stay away from mosquitoes and insects bites.  You can choose this net for both indoors and outdoors. The net has been made with a large zipper gate on two sides for easy entry and convenient exit.

mosquito net for bed

Some Features

  • The net has solid piping and double interlocking
  • Fully portable and compatibility
  • Easy to wash and maintain
  • Light-weight and travel friendly
  • Zippered doors with sully polyester floor

Backbone Mosquito Net

Backbone Mosquito net for bed provides you complete protection from insects, mosquitoes, and flies. The net is spacious and stylish, where it covers the double bed easily. It has been made up of polyester fabric makes it to be a quality product. With this comfortable mosquito net, you can enjoy the pleasant sleep without any disturbance.

mosquito net for bed

Additional Features of Backbone Mosquito Net

  • Easy to use and wash
  • Light-weighted that makes easy to set-up
  • The net has 2 large zipper gates
  • Very stylish and uniquely designed
  • Complete protection package

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How to choose the Best & Durable Mosquito Net for Bed?

Before we get into the question, let’s take a little look at that. Mosquito net for bed is a mesh screen made of polyester, poly-cotton, or metal specially designed for your bed. It would be perfect for you to want to be fully protected while you sleep.

Did you know that mosquito-borne diseases cause nearly 1 million deaths each year? Yes, so you should be very careful about the health of you and your family member. The only way to prevent mosquito related diseases is to sleep under a beautiful mosquito net.

There are many options on the market, all of which are equally effective, but there are some key factors that you have to consider before you make a purchase.


First thing, you need to choose the best material for the mosquito net. Typically, it is made of polyester and cotton. You may prefer polyester nets over cotton because polyester mosquito nets are lighter in weight and easier to carry during travel.

Mosquito Net Size

Choose the recommended size for your bed. There are different sizes and styles of mosquito nets. But rectangular bed nets are a good choice because you will not touch the net while you sleep.

Tightly Woven Mosquito Net for Bed

Try to buy tightly woven nets that will prevent even the tiniest mosquitoes or insects from squeezing. Generally, this should be 250 to 300 holes per square inch. Therefore, the mesh fabric also has the highest protection.

Color & Style

You can choose the color and style of the mosquito net depending on your taste and need.

Durability & Easy to Use

Last but not least, it is always good to buy high rated products online from reputable manufacturers. Because durability is the important thing in mosquito net. Also, the mosquito net for the bed should be easy to set-up and uninstall.

Now you may understand the different options between mosquito nets, it must be easy to find the right net for your needs and protect your family from the disease carried by insects.

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Mosquito Net for Bed FAQ

How to clean mosquito net for bed?

Yes, you can wash it! Soak the net in soapy water and rinse well before drying. Hand washing is good for longevity.

Do mosquito nets stop other insects?

Yes, it can stop bugs, flies, and even small insects depending on the size of the holes

Can the mosquito net be folded again every day after use?

Yes, you can fold it every day, it is an easy process.

Are mosquito nets flammable?

Yes, they are. We strongly recommend that you do not place any electrical or lighting objects near them.

Do mosquito nets repel spiders?

Just like using nets to protect people from mosquitoes, you can keep spiders out of your bed by using nets.

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