You may not know at first, but you wonder, do plants act as mosquito repellents?

Yes, there are many types of mosquito repellent plants that can be a natural way to repel mosquitoes in your home and garden. So, today you will see what kinds of plants are available that repel mosquitoes.

Many types of herbs and plants are working as an effective mosquito repellent including flowers and grasses. Let’s have a look to know what the plants are and where they grow and how it works.

The Most 10 Herbs & Plants that Repel Mosquitoes Naturally

The below listed plants are being attractive and also serving as a good mosquito repellent for your home, bedroom and even outdoor. In this some of the insect repellent plants and flowers are best in pots and planters, which allow you to move around your home. Other are better in the garden that will repel several kinds of insects.  

Mosquito Repellent Plants NameHindiTamilTeluguMalayalamKannada
Citronella Grassसिट्रोनेला घासவாசனைப்புல்సిట్రోనెల్లా గడ్డిസിട്രോനെല്ല പുല്ല്ಸಿಟ್ರೊನೆಲ್ಲಾ ಹುಲ್ಲು
Bee Balmनींबू बामதன்களிம்புనిమ్మ ఔషధతైలంനാരങ്ങ ബാംನಿಂಬೆ ಮುಲಾಮು
Catnip Plantकटनीप का पौधाநீலமலருடைய நறுமணச்செடிకాట్నిప్ మొక్కകാറ്റ്നിപ്പ് പ്ലാന്റ്ಕ್ಯಾಟ್ನಿಪ್ ಸಸ್ಯ
Lavenderलैवेंडर का फूलநீலவண்ண மலர்ச்செடிలావెండర్ലാവെൻഡർಲ್ಯಾವೆಂಡರ್
Rosemaryरोज़मेरीகல்பாசிరోజ్మేరీറോസ് മേരിರೋಸ್ಮರಿ
Lemon Grassलेमन घासகற்பூரப்புல்నిమ్మ గడ్డిഇഞ്ചിപ്പുല്ല്ನಿಂಬೆ ಹುಲ್ಲು

1. Citronella Grass

Citronella is the most important natural ingredient in mosquito repellents. It will be a great choice that will be very easy to grow and will be 5 to 6 feet height. It emits a very strong Lemon-scented aroma will keeps mosquitoes away.

Especially, it will be one of the best indoor mosquito repellent plants. The plants needs partial sun shade better keep the Citronella pots in colder spots.

Make sure that you are purchasing true varieties while buying Citronella Grass. Because some other plants may be sold as Citronella scented, but they do not have the insects repelling qualities.

2. Horsemint

Horsemint is also known as Lemon Balm, and Bee Balm. Its solid smell will keeps the mosquitoes and bugs off from your home. The plant does best in dry and sandy soil and even in salty conditions. That’s why they are often found in the beach and coastal areas.

It is from a mint family, which will have a fast growing and reaches a height of 2 – 3 feet. You can dry the leaves to make a delicious herbal tea and the flowers of Horsemint will attract butterflies and bees to your garden. This type of plant will easy to handle with lesser maintenance.

The leaves of Bee Balm will release fragrant oils. The colors of the flowers will be pink, red, purple, and white.

There are few other plants you can keep indoors for purifying the air.

3. Catnip

Catnip is 10 times effective at repelling mosquitoes than other buying products. It is well-known as a plant for cats. It is also from the mint family that can be easy to take care of.

This can be a good repellant for certain insects, bugs, and flies, mosquitoes and cockroaches. It will be grows as a weed and a commercially cultivated plant. Sometimes, people used to apply crushes catnip leaves or catnip oils for robust protection.

If you are having a cat in the house, then they will be very happy to have it around, because cats love them. Moreover, crushed catnip leaves will repel mosquitoes when rubbed on the skin.

4. Marigold

Marigold is an ornamental annual flower, which will be a great choice for repelling mosquitoes. It can be readily available in many garden centers at an inexpensive in cost. Also, it will be planted from the seed and the plant prefers full sunlight and a fertile soil.

The flowers are very elegant and do well in pots, borders, or the vegetable garden. The plant grows to 2 to 6 inches tall and available in shades of yellow and orange. Some of them are red and gold highlights. Its good smell deters mosquitoes and can be placed near the entrance to your home and open windows.

5. Lavender

Probably it is known that the Lavender is a lovely fragrance purple flowering plant. Did you know that the Lavender is also a natural mosquito repellent plant? Yes, it is an incredible pick for insect repellent plants.

The plant will grow well in a cooler climate and be growing up to 2 t0 3 feet tall. It requires full sun and good drainage.

6. Basil

Try to plant some basil in your garden that will protect you from mosquitoes. You may know that it will be delicious herb to your favorite recipes. But it is also an extraordinary herb that works great as anti-mosquito plants.

The plant can be maintained in pots or containers with full sunlight and excellent drainage. The solid smell released from the basil leaves will help in getting the mosquitoes far away.

There are several types of basil available, where all of them work as mosquito repellents. Most of the gardeners used to try lemon basil and cinnamon basil to get rid of insects and mosquitoes.

7. Rosemary

Another plant for mosquito repellent plants is Rosemary. It is a fragrant plant with a woody smell that will keep several insects including mosquitoes away from you and your home. It is an aromatic insect repellent plant that grows effectively in small pots.

They work best in dry and warm temperature. This can be used as a seasoning for your cooking.

8. Lemon Grass

It is popularly called as Lemon Verbena, which also used in mosquito repellents. A flawless fragrance of lemon grass will repel the bug. This is widely used in mosquito repellent found in spray, lotions and candles. The plant has citronella oil, which has been used as a natural mosquito repellent.

The plant will be well grown in well-drained soil and reach up to 3 to 6 feet height. It tastes amazing in soups and other dishes. In India, it has been using as an anti-inflammatory medicine.

9. Mint

Mint is well-known as nontoxic pest control but also effective against mosquitoes, flies, and even ants. Most bugs despise the smell of mint, so planting it in your home will be a great way to keep you away from mosquito bites. You can make a delicious addition to beverages, drinks, and foods.

The peppermint also repels spiders and the plant needs damp soil for good growth. It can be tall to 1 – 3 feet with full sun protection.

10. Floss Flower

Last, but not the least “Floss Flower” is an attractive annual flower that helps to repel mosquitoes. It also repels flies, deer, even rabbit. The plant will grow up to 0.5 to 2 feet tall in a well-drained soil with full sun and partial shade.

This will be easily identifies with its blue, pink white and purple color.

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By the end, these are some of the best indoor and outdoor plants and herbs that repel mosquitoes naturally without any harm. Be safe from mosquito with happy planting any of the mosquito repellent plants. Try to use the above any of the natural repellent insects.

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