Solar lamp

The number of people using solar lights in their homes to save energy from sunlight has started to increase.

These lights harnesses the sun’s energy to light up your home and power your little appliances. With benefits that stretch out both to your wallet and to the environment.

Solar lamp for home isn’t only a ‘splendid’ thought; yet it is a ‘responsibility’ additionally to giving brightening power from the sun’.

The solar cells in the close planetary system convert the sun’s energy straightforwardly to power. This power is stored in the solar battery and utilized for lighting at whatever point required.

So, here we are going to discuss about Solar wall light and Solar Emergency light for home. From this you can easily get idea about solar light benefits, it’s uses and also about the best solar lamp products in Industry.

Solar Lights for Wall

Solar Wall Light works under both solid daylight and weak daylight. This is something you could by a dozen of to truly light up sensitive areas around your home without paying power bill or somebody to wire or to install because it is wireless and solar powered.

The delicate motion sensor distinguishes movement from up to 20 ft away under 25 degree (Reduced sensor distance during summer). Solar Wall Light naturally turn on in faint light, in haziness or in night, and auto turn off when in daytime or splendid zone.

SGPT Wireless Security LED Solar Wall Light with Motion Sensor (Black)

Price: Rs.299

Ultra Bright: Equipped with 20 super bright COB-LED lights, it provides excellent illumination of up to 600 lumens, which is far brighter than other similar 20-LED solar lights(200-300LM).

Longer working hours: The solar outdoor lights is built-in a rechargeable 1250mAh lithium battery and a 17% energy efficiency solar panel . it needs only 6-8 hours full sun exposure and will supply up to work 4 full nights if the light will bright 50 times each night

Lighting Mode: Only sensor mode: In the night the lamp remains off, when people come, the light will Automatic on; when people leave, then light will Automatic Turn off. The lights last on 25s On There After Automatically off when motion detected Light.

Waterproof and Easy to Install: No wiring needed when installing, this light can be easily mounted anywhere under the sun shines. This solar security light with IP65 waterproof can withstand all kinds of severe weather conditions outdoor. Great for lighting and decoration for doorway, corridor, fence, patios, garden, yard, roof, stairway, driveways and other outdoor places.

Larger Lighting Area: This solar lights is built-in a a PIR motion sensor, designed with 120° wide sensor angle and 9.8 – 16.4ft detected distance , So the outdoor solar lights offers larger illuminated coverage and wider detecting range than other brands’ solar lights.

Boosty LED Solar Panel Power Light Wall Lamp Motion Sensor


Intelligent energy saving: It charges well under both strong sunlight and weak sunlight. This is something you could by a dozen of to really light up sensitive areas around your home without having to pay someone to wire or to install and not even add to your electric bill because it is wireless and solar powered.

Three lighting modes: It will auto turn on dim light when in darkness or at night, and auto turn off when in daytime or bright area. When people walk around 2 meters close, it will turn on bright light.

Long-lasting durability: Solid plastic construction for withstanding years of sunshine, rain, snow, ice and wind. Waterproof, heatproof and durable.

Not only do they provide added security for your garden, yard, aisle, porch, patio, or driveway, but also blend nicely with your home decor.

Easy assembly: Installation is a complete breeze, taking no tools – just your hands needed. No complicated wiring.

You just need to put the screw in to hold and stick to any surface (bricks, stucco, siding, wood, metal, glass etc). It is very easy to move if needed and looks great anywhere.

Hardoll Solar Lights for Home LED Wall Light


Triangular Shape Smaller Size: Star cuttings on the lights give out beautiful patterns on the wall of your house. LED Solar Outdoor Lights can be used as decorative or ambiance lighting on decks, patio, and porch and even on the exterior walls of your house.

2Pcs LED Automatic On/Off: 2Pcs LED Automatic Solar Outdoor Light gets charged during the day and lights up in the night. It automatically switches on in the night and switches off during the break of dawn.

2 Pcs LED with 10 lumens gives out warm white light continuously. No need for you to switch it on/off manually.

Easy to install, Hassle free: Hardoll Solar Lamp for Wall Patio Porch can be mounted on the wall with the screws. Fix it where it can get the direct sunlight, but AWAY from shades and other light sources. Charge for 8 hours before the initial use and it gives 8- 10 hours of light in the night.

Solar Powered and Money Saving: As Outdoor Garden Solar wall Lights are charged by the Sun, it does not cost you extra money. However, it helps you to save a considerable amount of money on your electricity bill.

Rechargeable Battery and Waterproof: IP44 Waterproof Solar Lamps for Outdoor Wall comes with 2V/80mA Poly Crystalline Solar Panel and 1.2V Ni-mh AA 400mAh Rechargeable Battery.

Wall Solar Lights for Home is waterproof and is ideal to mount on the compound walls, exterior walls and terrace.

ASGTRADE Solar Sensor Motion Wall Mounted LED Light for Garden, Park, Balcony, Outdoor


Solar Sensor Motion Wall light. best product for high sensitive security area like village, street, park, swimming pool, home outside area.

No Power current required. work with only direct sunlight,

20 LED Solar Sensor Motion Light.

Adtala 20 Led Solar Power Wall Lamp


MOTION SENSOR SOLAR LIGHT: The outdoor solar wall lights absorb sunshine energy into electrical, automatically turn on at night when people come close, and automatically off when people away.Detecting movement up to 10 feet away within 120º wide-angle.

IP65 WATERPROOF AND HEATPROOF: This solar led lights is made of high-impact ABS which can withstand rain, snow, sleet and other extreme weather conditions. The solar led lights is perfect for for garden, patio,yard, driveway, pool, garage, stairs, porch, etc.

EASY TO SETUP AND INSTALL: Use the nail of the led solar motion light install the LED solar on the wall, please install it in any place that has direct sunshine.It can save electricity for your family.

CHARGING TIME: The solar motion light outdoor need absorb sunshine more than 8 can continuous work about 4 days if the solar motion lights outdoor bright 50 times per night.

Saving Your Money: ADTALA light works automatically without electricity as the solar panel absorbs the sun rays and generates power for the light.

Our solar panel converts up to 20% of the sunlight into electricity energy which ensure long lasting standby time.

Solar Emergency Lights

Solar emergency lights are ideal for crisis cases which result in power outages. They are splendid, have the ability to enlighten various zones and frequently accompany an in-manufactured force bank that charges your gadgets.

This makes them an extra wellspring of power as well and gives them use in open air circumstances.

If you are tired of regular power cuts or want to go on a nighttime adventure and take some light with you, you need a solid and strong lamp.

The solar emergency lights can be wonderful in cases like these, bringing a variety of advantages that you will adore.

The new generation of solar lights can be utilized throughout the entire year and even in chilly temperatures.

Sun King Pico Plus Pack of Two Portable Solar Emergency Light


BEST USED FOR: Emergency Lamp, Study Lamp, Night Lamp, Table Lamp, Bedside Lamp.

IDEAL FOR: Power Cuts, Emergency Light, Decorative Light, Home Improvement, Eco-friendly lights, Night lighting, Travel and Adventure lighting accessory, Camping Activities.

USER FRIENDLY DESIGN: Ultra-portable light with an integrated solar panel, 360-degree lamp rotation and multipurpose metallic stand keeps the lamp ever-ready for any usage anytime, anywhere.

PREMIUM: It combines stylish design with exceptional quality, including long run-time, 5-year battery life and 3 light modes for most convenient lighting, it is built to provide you with your peace of mind.

DURABLE: Built to last in the toughest environments and water-resistant, it is highly durable and can withstand minor drops and falls.

Pick Ur Needs Rocklight Home Emergency Light


4 Tubes 360 Degree Extra Bright with SOLAR Rechargeable Emergency Light (Multicolor)

Consumes 40 W

5 Hrs Charging Time

4 Side Tube Emergency Lights

Large capacity battery: 3000mAh rechargeable battery

LDG WARE Solar Emergency LED Rechargeable Light


LED Is In Advantages Of Energy-Saving,High Light,Long Life And High Power. Both Highlight And Dimlight For Choices.,Great Product For Emergency Purpose.

Superior Design And Construction Allows Lantern To Be Super Lightweight And Compact. Lantern Is Easily Collapsible With A Simple Push.

Powered By 6 Pcs Of Led Multiple., The Lantern Is Compatible With Rechargeable Batteries.

Built With Individual Premium Leds, Lantern Is Built For Maximum Brightness Whilst Maintaining A Super-Long Battery Life.

Rechargeable And Solar Power Camping Lantern Light – 1 x Charging Cable.

d.light S3 Portable Solar Emergency light, Solar lamp, solar lights for home


Tough And Sturdy High-Efficiency Integrated Solar Panel Lightweight: Only 150 Grams Weather Resistant For Sun And Rain Adjustable Support

Glow-In-The-Dark Button Smart Solar Indicator For Charge Intensity 60,000-Hour Life Lifetime Well Over 5 Years (Inclusive Of Battery) Maintenance-Free.

A Portable Companion -The D.Light S3 Goes Wherever You Do. The Adjustable, Metal Handle Allows The Solar Light To Be Placed On A Table, Set On The Floor, Hung From A Wall Or On A Hook It Is Perfect For Use Inside The Home And Outdoors

Brilliance On A Budget -The D.Light S3 Provides Our Customers With A Great Value. The Sturdy Design Is Built To Withstand Daily Use, With A Product Lifetime Of Over Five Years. The Highly Efficient Solar Panel Allows It To Charge Even On Cloudy Days

The D.Light S3 Solar Lantern Can Be Placed On A Table, Hung From A Wall, And Used Outdoors. The Ambient Light Spreads A Bright, Even Glow Throughout A Room. Customers Find The D.Light S3 Perfect For: Reading Studying Cooking Working

FINIVIVA LED Emergency Solar Emergency Light


LED Solar Emergency Lantern, High-Quality rechargeable 3 different power Sources to re-charge Can be used as USB Mobile Charger Best Quality Emergency Camping LED Solar Light USED FOR INDOORS AND OUTDOOR CONDITION.

Easy To Use With 2 (Two) Flexible Handle For Easy To Hang And Carry
The scope of application: Camping, Lighting, Emergency charge ((WARNING: DC charging, please do not use a mobile phone charging, in order to avoid too much electricity damage the phone.))

Battery: Built-in lithium battery Power supply specification : Solar charger, 100v-220v direct charge Life time: 8-9 hours

Lamp beads: LED Product, Material: ABS plastic Switch Position: 1st button (searchlight / flashlight)

Do Solar Light need sun or just light?

No, solar lights do not need direct sunlight to charge. They do require light in some form to power them on, however.

Is it OK to leave solar lights out in the winter?

If you have a long winter or extreme weather conditions in your area, it would be better to change the battery every year.

Can you use regular AA batteries in solar lights?

Regular batteries cannot store energy the way NiMH and NiCd batteries do, resulting in damage to your solar lights.

How do you charge solar lights without sun?

You can charge solar lights without sunlight while placing solar panels directly underneath a household light to charge them speedily

What are the best rechargeable batteries for solar lights?

AmazonBasics AA, Energizer, Tenergy, GEILIENERGY Ni-CD Rechargeable Solar AA Batteries.

How can I make a solar light at home?

Place your home-made solar light in a window (or outdoors if possible) with the solar panel facing the sun. Allow it to charge during the day.

How do you charge LED solar lights?

Use Artificial Lighting Bulb to Charge Solar Lights

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