Chapati is an excellent Indian dish that helps to lower blood cholesterol levels and keeps the digestive system healthy. In our grandmother’s time, chapatis were made in large numbers at home to feed large families.

Today, in this modern life we don’t have that much time to prepare come chapattis for the family in a regular way like knead the dough, roll them in the wooden base, and have to toast in the Tawa.

Electric Roti Maker is a wonderful innovation to end up the time and energy spent by women who make chapattis and rotis for their family members. Using the electronic press, homemakers can easily and quickly make a bulk of rotis without any hassle. It was the reason that the atta press is available in almost every kitchen.

Yes, in this post we are going to see about the best roti maker machine or chapatti atta dough press. There are numerous brands and models of roti making machines are available in the market. But you have to be very clear about some factors before you purchasing a roti/chapatti maker.

Best Automatic Electric Roti Maker Machine 2020

Product NameBrandPrice
Prestige PRM 5.0 Roti and Khakra Maker Prestige₹ 3,025
BAJAJ VACCO®”Go-Ezzee” Chapati/Roti/Khakhra Maker C-02 Wattage 900 BAJAJ VACCO₹ 2,151
OTC Stainless Steel Roti and Khakra Maker OTC₹ 1,149
Gi-Shop Eagle Electric Silver Roti and Khakra Maker Gi-Shop₹ 1,160
Kerwa ROTI Maker 4500 WATT || Shock Proof || Non Stick Kerwa₹ 1,499
Rico Roti Maker Puri,Dosa,Kahkra Without Oil Rico₹ 2,299
Aiwa Eagle/National Roti Maker Eagle Made Life 4500 (Eagle with Demo CD) || Shock Proof || Non Stick Roti and Khakra Maker Aiwa₹ 1,190
Eagle Best Eagle Roti Maker Eagle₹ 1,499
Eveready RM1001 900-Watt Roti Maker (Black) Eveready₹ 1,899

Prestige Roti Maker Review

Prestige roti maker is the top-most brand and the best one for your kitchen. The body of the roti maker is made with durable stainless steel with a quality non-stick coating, which makes the machine strong and safe too.You can prepare Rotis easily and quickly with the help of prestige machine.

 This one comes with an adjustable temperature control knob, which allows you to adjust the heating level according to your need. It will be more comfortable with its power indicators where the red indicates on and the green indicates off. You can make a small or big roti, where it comes with an 8-inch wide diameter plate.

Special other features of Prestige PRM 5.0 Roti maker

  • With its compact design, it will occupy less space in the kitchen
  • Granite non-sticky coating to the base
  • Comes under a 1-year warranty
  • 900 watts that will save power
  • Knob power indicator

You can make your favorite food items by adjusting the heat settings. This prestige roti maker is ideal for your kitchen appliances. Without any doubt, you can go for ordering it from Amazon or Flipkart.

Bajaj Roti Maker Review

Bajaj Vacco Roti Maker is the best selling automatic dough press machine from flipkart or Amazon at the deal price. When you go for online shopping, don’t forget to use coupons or offers at the time of checkout.

With this multi-purpose model, anyone can make crispy roti, papads, kakhras, prathas etc. without any problem. Now, it will be much easier to make soft roti with the help of Bajaj Vacco’s automatic electric roti maker. The machine is powered with automatic cut-off features that give fluffy chapatis.

Using this roti maker you can make perfectly round loaves in just a few minutes. Also, the machine is lightweight and easy to handle and carry wherever you want. This automatic electric maker is equipped with a heat resistant upper lifting handle. The plates are coated with high quality non-stick coating that ensures easy flow of dough without sticking.

The power-on LED indicator is also available on this BAJAJ VACCO Automatic Electric chapatti maker. The machine is highly designed with stainless steel with shock-proof outer body.

Special other features of Bajaj Vacco Roti maker

  • Robust and stainless steel machine
  • Comes with heat resistant lifting and pressing handles
  • LED bright red color indicator
  • Light weight and easy to use
  • Ultra-safe with a shockproof body

Also, it has been covered 1 year of manufacturer warranty from the date of purchasing. The price of the roti makes is also a reasonable one with theses amazing features. Overall, the performance of the Bajaj Roti maker is good and best to use at home.

Rico Roti Maker Review

Rico Roti Maker is another multi-purpose portable automatic chappathi making machine for women. Also, this product is less compared to above two models. It will be easy to place in your kitchen space easily. You can order this Rico roti maker at, where you can get huge instant discounts with no cost EMI option too.

The outer body is made of heavy stainless steel material with plastic-cool-touch handle, will be easy to open and close while preparing chapattis. The food grade non-stick coated cooking plates inside makes perfect puffed up rotis, paratha and chapattis.

It is absolutely gives you oil free cooking and easy to clean. For safety, the rotis maker is equipped with thermostat. With its uniform heating temperature, rotis will be good and fluffy soft too.

Special other features of Rico Roti Maker

  • Heavy gauge stainless steel body
  • Machine is light and easy to use
  • Oil free cooking
  • Uniform heating
  • Heat resistant upper lifting plastic handle

With 2 years of manufacturer’s warranty, Rico Automatic Roti Maker is the good choice for your kitchen. If you are not happy with the product, Amazon provides 10 days replacement warranty.

Eveready Roti Maker Review

If you wish to prepare fluffy and crispy rotis at home, then simply shop Eveready Eveready RM1001 900-Watt Roti Maker from Amazon. Also, covered by 2 year warranty offered by the manufacturer from date of purchase.

Using this amazing roti maker, you can make a lot of rotis, papads, and more of your favorite food items in less time. This was designed with stainless steel body, which looks elegant and provides good support to the base. It gives uniform heat using 900 watts and operates at 230V/50Hz frequency.

Special other features of Eveready Roti maker

  • Non-stick coated plates
  • Power indicator light
  • The dual-element for uniform heating
  • User-friendly lever for effortless usage
  • Shockproof base with stainless steel body

Thus the electric roti maker has power indicator, which ensures the plate heating. The machine is very compact and extremely comfortable use.

Kerwa Roti Maker Review

With the help of Kerwa Roti Maker, you can cook rotis, chapattis and papads in just couple of minutes. Also, compared to all other brands, Kerwa brand is very economical to buy in online shop Amazon.

This electric press contains thermostatic control for maintaining the temperature uniformly. The device covers an auto-switch-off feature that allows you to know when the machine has reached the high temperature.

Special other features of Kerwa Roti maker

  • Cool-touch handles
  • Stainless steel material
  • Shock-proof
  • Non-stick coating
  • Heavy duty

You can grab this automatic electronic atta press at an affordable cost from amazon shopping. Enjoy free shipping to your doorstep by ordering this product.

The Best Roti Maker Buyer Guide                       

How to pick the best roti maker? There may be thousands of models but all are not perfect in making evenly cooked round shaped rotis and chapattis. There are few things that you have to look for while purchasing aromatic electric chapati press machine.

Therefore, if you are planning to buy it online, then the below are must have features in roti press automatic.

On/Off Indicator Light

The first and foremost feature indicator light is that you need to double-check it before you buy. Yes, this feature is a must for every roti maker, as it allows you to know when it is ready to use. The top brands have red and green light indicators. Some have only one red light indicator.

Shockproof Body

Due to the voltage up / down and short circuits, the roti maker must ensure that the body is not shocked. So, always go for the shockproof body model. Please check it out.

Non-heating Handles

For added protection against heat, make sure the chapati maker is well-designed with an unheated handle lift. Even at very high temperatures, the handles will stay cool, and this will protect your hands when making rotis.

Adjustable Temperature Knob

It is best to choose a model with an adjustable temperature knob that allows you to choose the temperature. Sometimes, roti makers come with 3 temperature settings to choose from.

Size and Material

You can choose the chapati machine with 8 to 12 inches in diameter. Also, the device has to be made of aluminum and coated with non-stick material. So the roti will never be sticking to the roti plates.

Authorized Brands

Make sure the product has reliable service facilities, warranty, replacement, repair, etc. Some will guarantee you a replacement or repair over time. Therefore, you should consider a brand that includes roti maker warranty and after-sales services.

These features will make it easier and safe to operate with electric roti press.

How to get perfect Chapati using Roti Maker

Roti makers are very easy if you know how to use it. With just few simple steps, you can make a puffy rotis.

Dough Making

  1. First, sieve the flour to remove grains
  2. Add required water and salt
  3. Also, if you wish you can add few drops of butter or oil for added softness
  4. Knead the dough gently until a soft and sticky consistency
  5. Cover the dough with a cotton cloth and keep aside for 45 minutes

Making Roti

  1. Switch on the roti maker and set the temperature
  2. Take the dough and make it to small balls
  3. Now take the dough ball and put it in the center of the roti pressing base
  4. Close the top and press gently and open immediately
  5. Cook the roti for few seconds and flip the sides
  6. The roti/chapatti will puff on

You have to very careful about the below things

  • Have to add little more water while kneading the dough
  • Prepare fresh dough
  • Allow the dough rest for 30 – 60 minutes
  • Use few drops of oil for soft and non-sticky Rotis
  • Eat as soon as possible, because roti will become harder

Available Types of Roti Makers

Basically, there are 3 different kinds of roti makers available in the market including Electric , Non-Electric , and fully Automatic atta dough machines. Let’s see one by one.

Electric Roti Maker

This type is the most used one. Electric roti makers will be more affordable and durable. It is nothing but an electric pressure in between 2 electrically heated plates.

Some of the roti makers are used for multipurpose that can be useful to cook khakhras, chapattis, parathas, and more. We have seen this type of press machines already in the above section.

Non-Electric Chapatti Maker

It is a normal chapathy press machine that works without electricity. It can be used only for pressing the dough. You have to manually place it on hot tawa for making rotis. This will be very useful for those who don’t know how to roll dough in traditional method usinf belan.

Fully Automatic Roti Machines with Atta dough Maker

It is the most advanced model in the current market, which is also known as Robotic Roti Maker. This will be an ideal choice making rotis without need of more assistance for you. Anyone can make multiple rotis at a time using this fully automatic roti make.

What you have to do is, just put the wheat flour in the machine. It will do all things from mixing to puffing. Finally, you will get the cooked roti in a minute.

Best Chapati Press Non-Electric Roti Maker

With the help of a chapati atta press machine, you can reduce your manual work. You can quickly and efficiently flatten the dough using the stainless steel or iron press roti making machine. Instead of rolling rotis, you can use this kind of roti maker.

Product NameBrandPrice
Dharam Paul Traders Manual Stainless Steel Roti Maker Press Machine Dharam Paul Traders₹ 549
ESSPY Heavy Quality Iron (Heavy) Press Chapati Machine Roti Maker ESSPY₹ 599
Sajani Neha Heavy Quality Iron Roti Puri Press Sajani₹ 739
Madhav store Manual Stainless Steel Press Machine with PRE Fitted Madhav Store₹ 499
M Tech Chapathi Press/Poori Press Machine (Size in Diameter 4) M Tech₹ 549

Madhav store Manual Stainless Steel Roti Maker Press Machine Review

Shop this particular item at amazon online shopping, where you can get more offers and reliable support.

This stainless steel roti maker press machine is very useful for flattening rotis, puris in your kitchen. It is large in size of 6 inches diameter. The machine has an anti slip sole, which doesn’t lets the pressure machine move while you press the maker.

It is completely made up of high quality stainless steel that never cracks. This will provides you a perfect grip with its steel handle that has a plastic cap on it. When you apply high pressure, it will never move from its place with its anti skid base.

ESSPY Heavy Quality Iron Press chapatti Machine Review

This non-electric roti maker will be good to make chapattis, roti, and all you need. This press roti machine is also used to prepare pooris. The press machine is heavy but gives you easy experience.

It is available in 2 various sizes, 6.5 inches, and 6.6 inches. Also, it has been designed to save time in the kitchen. Using this press chapatti maker, you can easily make hundreds of chapattis or rotis within few minutes.

If you wish to buy this product, you can get it from Amazon. You can save your spending when you purchase it in online. Amazon has been offering this press machine at the very economical cost with heavy discounts.

Moreover, this item is eligible for free replacement within 10 days of delivery, only the product is damaged, defective or different item delivered.

Best Chapati/Roti Roller Wooden & Granite

Product NameBrandPrice
Jaipur Ace Indian White Marble Roti Maker with Wooden Belan/White Marble Chakla 10 Inch Diameter with Belan (White Marble Chakla with Belan)Jaipur Ace₹ 299
Vinayak Crafters Marble Chakla/Marble Roti Maker/Marble Rolling Board, 9 InchVinayak Crafters₹ 399
Sameer Sales Makrana Marble Chakla/Rolling Board/Roti (White and Wooden Belan, 9 inch) Sameer₹ 270
RS handicraft and marbles 11- Inch Marble Roti Rolling BoardRS₹ 224
MAMTA CREATIONS 100% Makrana Wooden Chakla/Rolling Board/Roti Maker (Premium Finish) (Wooden Belan, 9 in) (Wooden chakla belan)MAMTA CREATIONS₹ 699
Royal Wooden Round Polpat-Roti Roller/Chakla-Belan/Rolling Pin Set (Yellow – Mango Wood) 10 inch and 9 inches (Mango Wood, 9 Quart)Royal₹ 349
Sri Balajee Bangles Chakla Belan Wooden Handmade Kitchen Item, 13 Inches, Brown (Chapathi Maker 10 inch, 13 in)Sri Balajee₹ 470

Jaipur Ace Indian White Marble Roti Maker Review

10 inch diameter white marble roti maker by Jaipur Ace is highly recommended product. It is carves from a single piece of white marble rock. This product will be quite good and the material is mirror finish white makrana marble.

The roti maker has a ring base for stablility when making rotis. It will be the most essential thing for making chapattis and rotis. When you order for this particular item in Amazon, you will get a nice marble chapati with wooden belan. The size of the marble chakla is 10 inch diameter and 12 inch wooden belan.

Royal Wooden Round Polpat-Roti Roller Review

This Wooden Roti roller is suitable for making roti, chapatti, etc without any hassle. It is very easy to use and clean. The product is available in Amazon at very economical price with free home delivery. This wooden chapatti roller is available in two sizes, 10 inch and 11 inch and 9 quart. You can get one set of wooden rolling pin and board.

The price may vary that depends upon the size and color of the product. It is available in yellow mango wood and mango wood color.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Roti Maker good for health?

Yes, the top branded roti makers are completely safe for your health. But you have to purchase high quality and reputed brands from the trusted manufacturer.

How to make dough for roti maker?

All you have to do is just combine Atta flour and add required salt and water. Knead the dough gently and softer.

Which is the best roti maker in India, 2020?

There are numerous variety of rot makers are available in the market. Prestige Roti Maker is market leader.

Is it worth buying a roti maker online?

Yes, it will be worthy especially for working women who don’t have time to make rotis in a traditional way.

Can the roti maker handle voltage fluctuations?

Yes. All roti makers are shock-proof and robust to deal with voltage fluctuations. Ensure the quality of the cord material used.

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