Bangalore’s Greenest Homes: Hosamane, framed by foliage

Hosamane brings back the very essence of living closer to one’s roots – from deeply entrenched greenery to clever resource usage and an unfrenzied life.

The divisive lines in a city are often strong – urban habitat or green. Pick one. And living in close communion in nature usually means going deep into the countryside for a weekend vacation.

Mr. Jannappa Kataveeranahally, Joint Commissioner, BBMP for the Bommanahalli Zone, has taken this proven city theory and turned it on its head. Hosamane boasts of over 100 varieties of plants, an abundance of natural light, and a state-of-the-art rain water harvesting system, right in the centre of concrete city.

“We grew up in a village near Tumkur District,” Jannappa began, “so we have always seen greenery around the house. We’ve tried to implement the same thing in our home in the city.”

The family of four, which includes Jannapa’s wife Vidya, their son Palgun and daughter Sajani, is careful to makes sure all natural resources are used wisely.

Vidya maintains all the green spaces in the house. “Plants require a lot of maintenance,” she said, “but it is very pleasing to the eye and I like spending time here.”

The house, designed by architect Satyaprakash Varanasi, was constructed from material purchased locally, eliminating the cost of transportation. Stones were sourced from Bangalore and wire-cut bricks from Kerala.  The house costed more than a regular house to build, but now the family spends less on maintenance, saving money on the yearly ritual of plastering and repainting. 

A number of energy and resource-saving measures were put in place during the construction phase itself. The house runs almost exclusively on solar energy; the family’s wet waste is used as compost in the garden and all dry waste is sold; the rain water harvesting system, installed two years ago, supplements the family’s water requirement; and grey water is used for gardening, flushing and other purposes.

Jannappa’s daughter, Sajani, is proud to come home to her “green abode”.

“I like my house–it is a bit far, but I really like living here. It’s cool and green, and we’re helping the environment. So, if someone asks me what I’m doing for the environment, I can proudly say I’m doing my bit.”

The family, which enjoys all the usual luxuries of city living, hasn’t compromised on its lifestyle in going green.  Small changes go a long way, Jannappa believes. “If you take care of your own thing, the bigger environment picture will automatically fall into place. The greener your life is, the happier you’ll be,” he assures me.

Visit this eco-friendly house at Hosamane, Royal Placid Layout, Somasandra Palya, Bangalore.

Our thanks are to Biome Environmental Solutions for introducing us to Hosamane.

Bangalore’s greenest homes is a series on beautiful homes that have been built on strong sustainability principles – from natural building materials to efficient light and space design, water harvesting, off-the-grid energy energy, eco-friendly decor and furniture. And a lifestyle for the residents where less has meant a lot more. 

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