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What is meant by Eco friendly Diwali? How to celebrate it? In which ways we can celebrate the festival? For all these questions, you can get the answer in this article.

Diwali also called the “Festival of Lights”. One of the most popular and widely celebrated festivals in India is Diwali. This year, it will be celebrated on 14th November, Saturday.

The festival will begin from days in advance, where people clean their houses and workplaces and even renovated. On that day, people used to decorate their houses with lamps and candles to celebrate the festival. As we all know, the Diwali celebration will start with the bursting of crackers, sharing sweets with families and friends and gathering together, and much more.

But over time, the crackers have been disturbing children and elders. Not only this, but also there is a lot of environmental pollution due to the bursting of crackers. 

So, we people have to understand and try to celebrate an eco friendly Diwali in a stupendous way.  Nowadays most of us are wishing to celebrate an eco friendly Diwali but some are not sure how to go about it.

Eco-Friendly Diwali Celebration Tips

Therefore, in this section, we are going to see the best 10 eco-friendly ways to celebrate this Diwali happily and safely in your home.

Let’s see one by one.

Use Oil Diyas

During festival shopping, there are lots of light are available to buy. But why not opt for natural diyas this time? Yes, try to use the tradition and natural oil diyas instead of candles and electrical lights.

Moreover, oil diyas will enhance the beauty of your house. Just try it out for this year’s Diwali celebration.

  • Use oil diyas instead of lamps
  • Decorate with organic candles instead of LEDs

Decoration your House

There are lots of eco friendly Diwali products are available in the market. Try to buy eco friendly Diwali materials like natural flowers, clay things, and even recycles products. But, please avoid buying plastic items and go forward with recyclable items.

  • Instead of plastic flowers, try to use real flowers and leaves
  • Use old sarees and dupattas to decorate home instead of using plastic ribbons

Eco Friendly Rangoli Materials

In earlier days, kolams/Rangolis were the ways to feed food to birds and insects. In villages, our grandmothers are used to draw kolam using either rice paste or dry rice flour. But, now most of the people have been using chemicals to color their Rangoli.

Instead of chemicals try using natural colors like turmeric for yellow, coffee powder for brown, and kumkum for red.

  • Use fresh flowers and fruits to rangoli, which will be quite interesting
  • You can also use spices and various kinds of pulses to decorate Rangoli

Say ‘No’ to Crackers

Is there any eco friendly crackers exits? Yes! In market, there are assorted collections of eco friendly diwali crackers are available.

All these will be less polluting than others. Instead of sitting on the terrace or in-home, try to go for a walk with your friends and families in the evening. Even the cost of eco-friendly crackers is really cheaper than the regular one.

  • Fill the balloons with some glitters and paper and burst them
  • Blowing up paper bags and burst it

Eco Friendly Diwali Gifts

Gifting plants will be good for your loved one and environment too. Yes, there are number of excellent air purifiers available like lilly, snake plants, aloe vera and much more.

So, try gifting indoor and potted plants to your friends and families. This will resemble a unique sign about your gift.

  • Wish your loved one by presenting plants instead of sweets
  • Encourage your children to plant trees on that day

Even more eco-friendly items like jute bags, organic cosmetics, natural homemade chocolates and handmade sweets are available at a reasonable cost in the market.

Donate things to Needy

We can also celebrate eco friendly Diwali through donating things. You can collect all your old stuff and not required things and donate it to an orphanage. Make them happy are the beautiful and best way to celebrate Diwali.

  • Provide healthy food to the needy people around your place
  • Give good old clothes to them

Prepare Sweets at Home

Usually, all our grandmothers and mothers make sweets like Ladoos, Gulab Jamun, Athirasam, Murukku at home.

But now, people are buying sweets in the shop easily. It is not far, you can make more fun by engaging everyone at home to make some sweets. This will definitely give you a lovely experience. Just try it for this year!

  • Avoid eating artificial colored sweets by preparing diwali sweets at your home
  • Move on with organic diwali sweets also

Protect your Pets

It can be a very scary time for your lovable pets and animals. During diwali time, it is quite bad to see your pets shivering and shaking.

So, this year, be responsible for it and request your neighbors not to use crackers. Keep your pets indoors and close all the windows and doors to reduce noise.

Dispose of Waste properly

From cleaning to decorating the house and bursting crackers, celebrations produce huge amounts of waste.

This year, try to separate biodegradable and non-biodegradable waste properly to maintain a clean and environmental-friendly society. Put some effort to keep your place clean after festivals are over.

Serve Homemade Meals

During the festival day, invite all your friends and relatives to have healthy and organic meals for the lunch. Serve foods in banana leaf, which will be quite colorful and healthier benefits.

Finally, before concluding the section we request you to don’t trash your diyas and other reusable decorative items. All those will be always used for upcoming years. By doing so, you can save your money.

Eco Friendly Diwali Posters

For you people, we have been sharing some eco friendly diwali posters for awareness. You can find some posters to share with friends and relatives and show that you are going to celebrate this Diwali eco friendly.

Wish you a green Diwali…

Go organic this Diwali!

Celebrate eco friendly Diwali 2020!!

Due to Covid-19, have a safe and secured Diwali Festival!!!

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