From screen to green: 8 apps to help you lead a greener life

Is your smartphone like an extension of your body? How many times have you felt defenseless in arguments against eco-geeks out to turn you over a turn leaf? Are you tired of news reports about the environmental impacts of mobile phones? Then, this is what you’ve been waiting for.

These apps bridge the worlds of the tech nerds and the treehuggers with shareable information on the environment and easy-to-follow tips on how to lead a greener life, all from the warm comfort of your smartphone.

Go forth and install!

Green Tips

Green Tips is an app proposed by the European Environment Agency. It provides users the best tips required for a green mentality. The app, offered by Mobilendo, has more than 150 tips which, when followed, can make a huge overall difference to the environment. These tips cover topics like water, waste, pollution, biodiversity, transport and more.

Sustainability Compass

With its mantra ‘Think smarter. Act smarter’, the Sustainability Compass app helps you change the ways you make simple, everyday decisions so as to achieve a more sustainable result. From grocery shopping to family vacations, the app offers several eco-friendly options to make your actions more impactful – ecologically, socially, and environmentally. Use the app to build your own compass for sustainability and get guidance to make the implementation easier.

This app is available for around ₹140 on Android and is designed in such a way that the content is easily navigable, enabling you to play with it in fun ways.

Carbon3R-Sustainable Lifestyle

Carbon3R-Sustainable Lifestyle encourages sustainability awareness and a greener lifestyle.

The app is divided into three easily navigable sections. The first, eco-friendly lifestyle offers ways in which users can lead lifestyles with smaller carbon footprints. The second section, ‘Recycle/Compost/ Landfill?’, provides a categorized list of more than 50 products, informing people how waste should be segreagted and where it ought to go. The third, ‘Green News Feed’, gathers news from Green RSS Feed channels – TreeHugger, Yahoo and New York Times and compiles for the user the latest Green News Headlines.
The app is available for free on Android.

Sustainable Solutions

As the name suggests, the Sustainable Solutions app offers a variety of environmental friendly solutions that can be incorporated into your everyday life. It has over 60 articles slotted into different categories for users’ convenience. 

The six categories offered by the app are:

  • Do It At Home – Tips to reuse objects around the house that would otherwise go to waste. 
  • Picture Perfect – A step up from ‘Do It At Home’, this section helps create more nuanced, visually appealing reusable upcycled treasures. 
  • Simple Ideas – Projects in this section are easy to carry out, however, once completed, they could pass as artistic creations that took you all week to make.
  • Kid Friendly – Projects simple and fun enough to be easily done by and with kids.
  • Stop At Once – Go-to tips on what to stop doing in order to be more environment friendly. 
  • Favourites – All of your favourite projects can be compiled and saved in this category for easy access and reference. 

Sustainable Solutions is available for free on Android.

Skin Deep

An amazingly useful app by the Environmental Working Group, Skin Deep helps you protect yourself while protecting the environment. The app contains a database of thousands of personal care products that users can browse through and determine the safety rating for.

The Skin Deep app covers over 72,000 personal care products along with 9,000 ingredients and 2,500 different brands for overall safety assessment. The app helps users make safer decisions when purchasing cosmetics and personal care products and is available for free on Android.

Food Scores

Another app from EWG, Food Scores is similar to the Skin Deep app and rates food products so that safer, healthier food choices are just a click away. The rating is based on the combined score for nutrition, ingredients and the amount of processing its individual ingredients. Generally, nutrition matters the most and the processing the least while rating.


An app that makes sustainability fun and easy for users, Joulebug has successfully gamified everyday sustainable activities and actions. Any sustainable action carried out by the user is rewarded in the form of ‘pins’ based on the impact of the action on the environment and on your own wallet. The action may be as simple as walking to work rather than driving. Once you’ve earned enough points, you are redirected to a new level with activities that have a higher positive impact on the environment. There are categories like energy, water, transportation and more you can choose based on your interest and convenience. 

The app also provides several videos and other material to educate users about the impact of their eco-friendly actions. You can share your progress in the game through Facebook, Twitter and other social networking groups. This energy-saving game is available on Android and Apple store for free.

Green Environment – Reader

Launched by Dromit, this app is perfect for environment enthusiasts who want to remain updated on all things green. To avoid information overload, you can use the Green Environment – Reader and have all the information you are interested in in one place. News sites, videos and blogs on this app focus entirely on environmental sustainability.

Information about pollution, environmental health, extinction, genetic engineering and several such topics is collected from various different sites and offered on the app. You can also choose to be notified every time an update takes place. There is also a filter to separate your viewed, read and favourited articles and videos. This app is available for free on Android.

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